November 15, 2014

Stanislaw Lem, on solicitude to spark plugs and broken bells

"I used to be a philanthropist to old spark plugs. I would buy fragments of incomprehensible gadgets….I would turn some crank or other to give it pleasure, then put it away again with solicitude. To this day I have a special feeling for all sorts of broken bells, alarm clocks, old coils, telephone speakers, and in general for things derailed, used up, homeless, discarded.”
                                   Staislaw Lem


  1. I would absolutely love it if you published your book about technology in a paperback format. That is all.

    1. Thank you, Joseph. I am trying. Am preparing now to make a new round of pitches to publishers.

    2. If all you did was self publish it (Createspace, Lulu, etc...) ... I'm waiting, cash in hand.