December 3, 2014

An endorsement from Daniel Cérézuelle

Daniel Cérézuelle

I am honored today to have received an endorsement of my book, Not So Fast: Thinking Twice About Technology, from Daniel Cérézuelle, a lifelong friend of Jacques Ellul and of Ellul’s close friend and collaborator, Bernard Charbonneau. The author of Écologie et liberté: Bernard Charbonneau, précurseur de l'écologie politique (Ecology and Freedom: Bernard Charbonneau, a founder of political ecology), Daniel is  a philosopher, sociologist, professor, and activist. He lives in Bordeaux.

Here is his endorsement:
“I have read carefully Doug Hill’s Not So Fast. Insightful, well informed and well written, it should provide the general educated public with an excellent initiation to the problems of our technological society. I hope it will be soon translated into French, so I could recommend it to scholars, students and friends.”    
Daniel Cérézuelle, President, Société pour la Philosophie de la Technique (France)    

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