August 8, 2015

Eyewitness: De Facto Technological Autonomy in Greece

In my book I argue that people who live in developed countries live in a state of “de facto technological autonomy.” While it is theoretically possible for them to get by without technology, practically speaking, they can’t. A refusal or inability to use technology results in exclusion from meaningful participation in the culture.

The fiscal crisis in Greece provided a powerful example of that exclusion recently when the government ordered the banks closed and set limits on the amount of cash that could be withdrawn from ATM machines. Those who had been foolish enough to think they could get by without ATM cards were out of luck.

The Guardian ran a series of photographs depicting the chaos that ensued when the government relented and told the banks to open for one day to let those without ATM cards (“desperate pensioners,” the Guardian called them) withdraw up to €120 (about $132). 

Photo by Lizzie Tucker, the Guardian

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