February 24, 2014

Another important endorsement for "Not So Fast"

Albert Borgmann

I'm very happy to report that my book, Not So Fast: Thinking Twice About Technology, gained an endorsement today from someone whose work I admire a great deal.
“Technology is a troubling and confusing force in contemporary culture, and it’s good to see Doug Hill discuss it so calmly and clearly. His book is special in avoiding the rigorous and severe arguments of philosophers and other academics and in being both firm in its views but relaxed in its attitude. The reader hears the voice of a very well-informed writer without being bullied with all that knowledge. There's good reason to believe the book will reach an audience that has been neglected and that it will help to advance the public conversation on technology that is so necessary and so lacking.”
Albert Borgmann, Regents Professor of Philosophy at the University of Montana, author of Crossing the Postmodern DivideTechnology and the Character of Contemporary Life, and Holding on to Reality

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