February 27, 2014

Carl Mitcham endorses "Not So Fast"

Carl Mitcham

I was thrilled to receive yesterday an endorsement of Not So Fast from another one of my intellectual heroes, Carl Mitcham, for decades a leading figure in the philosophy of technology.

Here's what he said: 

Not So Fast is a really fine piece of work. Wish I’d written it. Anyone who might want to reflect on the implications of more than three generations of scholarly criticism of technology should read the book. The same goes for any scholars who have been thinking about technology and who desire to see how their work may have been more publicly appropriated – or , indeed, who may wish to deepen their own understanding of what they have been doing. Doug Hill is a solid independent scholar in the best sense: A Lewis Mumford for our time.”

Carl is a professor at the Colorado School of Mines and author, co-author, or editor of any number of seminal books, among them Thinking through Technology: The Path Between Engineering and Philosophy; Bibliography of the Philosophy of Technology; The Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics; and Research in Philosophy and Technology.

Earlier endorsements of Not So Fast can be found here and here.  


  1. Doug,

    Congratulations! These are fantastic endorsements you're raking in!



    1. Thanks, Michael. Yes, the validation from so many people whose work I admire has been wonderful.