September 26, 2015

Benjamin Franklin on manufactures and poverty

“Manufactures are founded on poverty [because] it is the multitude of the poor without land in a country and who must work for others at low wages or starve that enable undertakers to carry on a manufacture.”                          
                                               Benjamin Franklin

Quoted by Steve Fraser, “The Age of Acquiescence”

September 19, 2015

Saul Bellow, listening to the essence of things

Wordsworth warned that we laid waste our powers by getting and spending. It is more serious than that now. Worse than getting and spending, modern distraction, worldwide irrationality and madness threaten existence itself. We may not make it. Under the circumstances I have no advice to offer other writers. I can only say, speaking for myself, the Heraclitean listening to the essence of things becomes more and more important.
                        Saul Bellow, "A World Too Much With Us," 1975